We had a bumper crop of bucklings this year.  We have one really outstanding buckling left to offer (shown above).  He is out of award-winning stock and a line of good milk producing does.  He is being offered for sale at $325.  We have a few whethered kids left for sale at $100 each.  They have all been weaned, are up to date on their vaccinations and are on a regular worming program.  Did I mention that they are very friendly?

$150- Phoenix is an ADGA-registered American Alpine buck (AA1698518) born in 2014.  We used him this year to breed several of our does.  He comes from good bloodlines and is up to date on immunizations. Our herd is CAE free and is tested annually for CAE and CL.  If you are interested please call 812-453-0395, or e-mail us.