Giggling Goat Soap

The Artisan Homestead is the home of Giggling Goat Soaps.  These soaps are made from fresh rich goats milk from our herd of registered Alpine goats, herbs from our garden, and honey from our bee hives.  We do not use pesticides, herbicides or hormones.  Our animals have access to fresh air, well water, and plenty of sunshine which makes them giggle (or at least we think that is what they are doing)!

Try our new shaving soap! It not only smells amazing, it actually leaves your skin moisturized after you finish your shave - not to mention that you won't have to use any more cans with foaming chemicals!

Abigail is just a few hours old and already smiling!

Artisan Homestead Pottery and Custom Woodworking

In addition to our soaps and award-winning goats, we also make unique hand-turned pottery soap dishes to complement our soap and bath products and hand turned pie pans for the baker in your life.  We create pottery using an early American technique that incorporates using two different types of clay. The sgraffito technique begins with a dark red earthenware pot coated with a lighter-colored slip in which the decorations are incised, exposing the darker body below. A transparent glaze is then applied, and after the final firing the ware shows a light surface with dark red intaglio decoration. All of our pottery is food, dishwasher and oven safe and is ready for your every day use.  We offer a variety of soap dishes, pie plates and custom made commemorative pieces for weddings and special occasions.  When Scott is waiting on his kiln to fire, you can find him in his woodshop making hand turned rolling pins, custom made furniture (some with secret compartments for, well, secret stuff...), and other unique items such as custom made picnic tables to last for generations.  Nothing is too large or small...  Contact us with your ideas!