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Goatmilk Soap and Natural Skincare, Dog Shampoo and Laundry Products

The Artisan Homestead is the home of our famous hot-processed goatsmilk soaps and shampoos.  Our soap, shampoo and laundry products are made from fresh rich goats milk from our herd of registered Alpine goats, herbs from our garden, and honey from our bee hives.  We do not use pesticides, herbicides or hormones on our farm.  Our animals have access to fresh air, well water, and plenty of sunshine which makes you feel good about supporting our small business!

Try our shaving soaps! We have it in an unscented version, and a traditional Bay Rum scent. This shaving soap actually leaves your skin moisturized and conditioned after you finish your shave - not to mention that you won't have to use any more cans with foaming synthetic chemicals!

We are proud member of Essential Depot's Greener Life Club which promotes fair trade, a lower carbon footprint is animal friendly and bio healthy!